#JewishOceanCounty sent 10 buses down to the rally!  We loaded our buses up with snacks, signs, t-shirts, and ruach!

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I wanted to thank you for providing the transportation to the March for Isreal on Tuesday. It was a memorable and unforgettable experience. The whole process was made easier by your organization and generosity.  It would have been very difficult for me to have come with other arrangements to get to the rally. Continued hatzlocha with your great work.
Thank you,
Lea F

From Blimi:

Thank you for making all the arrangements for the march on Washington!

The trip to DC and back could hardly have been smoother, and even with all the last minute changes and additions to the buses, from my end it was a straightforward journey.

I am so proud to have been a part of this historic event. The achdus was palpable every step of the way. May we merit the light of Moshiach very soon!

Dear THE MOST AMAZING Federation Organizers in the WORLD,

The rally was incredible and I am well aware that it could not have been possible had it not been for your extraordinary and impressive work on our behalf.  The sheer depth of organization and planning I know it took to pull off this logistical feat on such very short notice was UNREAL and so very appreciated. Thank you for making a positive impact from start to finish. Tova Herskowitz - our bus captain and liaison was unbelievable; sweet, accommodating and totally organized - we were in great hands at all times.  The unity and comradery we felt at the rally began the moment we contacted Tova on behalf of the Federation of Ocean County and I for one appreciated it greatly and hope the momentum and “achdut”  created helps to bring the hostages home, support of chayalim and families in Israel and combat antisemitism in the US. Together we can do anything.

As a mom of 2 chayalim serving our beautiful homeland, I want to say a special thank you for allowing me to physically go and show my support from afar.  It meant the world to me.

With all my heart – THANK YOU!!


Good afternoon,
On behalf of my daughter and myself, I want to thank the federation for the most amazing, well organized, enjoyable trip to the Washington DC rally in support of Israel.
Our group/bus was run by Tova Herskovitz, who was professional and very well organized. She made sure we were well versed about where we would meet, how to find her (she held a very distinct sign a whole rally) as there was no cell service at the National Mall where the rally was held.
Kudos to the federation and Dr. Roberts for sponsoring a trip that will be everlasting in our hearts and minds.
Am Yisroel Chai!
Faigy and Miriam 

Thank you for arranging the woman’s bus from Lakewood to DC . It was an unreal experience that I will never forget. I never felt so proud and at home among my people.

Elisheva Begun

March For Israel