Leadership & Priorites for the year ahead

Board of Directors:


Michael Berman (Vice Chair)

Carol Brichke (Past Chair)

Richard Gaines

Fran Gimpel

Jarrod Kaufman

Rachael Kaufman (Vice Chair)

Peter Kitay

Alan Krupnick

Pamela Ligorski (Vice Chair)

Annabel Lindenbaum (Chair)

Ellyn Lyons

Larry Mandel

Shelly Newman (Secretary)

David Rosen (Treasurer)

Lauren Rosen

Randi Rozovsky

Barbara Schulman

Anise Singer

Mona Sternbach


The Jewish Federation of Ocean County is gearing up for an

impactful and effective year in 2021, with some defined

priorities for our work in the community:


  • Organizing a calendar of virtual events that convene and engage our entire community
  • Expanding our philanthropy through PJ Library and youth engagement programs, our support for JFCS, and launching a new grants program to help Jews in need in Israel and overseas
  • Continuing to work with other Federations and organizations to provide an important safety net for those in need and to combat anti-Semitism


We welcome your support, involvement and partnership.