In the age of Corona, the Jewish Federation and Jewish Family & Children's Services take the health and well-being of our community, clients, and colleagues very seriously.  Given the heightened risk of COVID – 19 to seniors, our primary audience for social services, we are especially concerned.   See more...


And it's not just policy changes, see what we've been doing in the age of Corona and our Public Service Announcements too 


As part of our effort to help our Jewish community stay connected Jewishly and to each other during these times of self-isolation, we have been sharing anti-Corona updates. Below, you will find curated links and opportunities from these updates to keep you entertained and engaged. Enjoy! 

Jewish livestream               Top Jewish a cappella online                     

Staying Fit                            Top binge-worthy videos and links for kids  

Eating Well                           For those who may prefer binge-ing with book 

Virtual Tour Israel               Good Reads

Top Jewish Podcasts           What to binge watch next

Great videos to watch         Great Jew-y movies to watch  

Jewish livestream

In these times, more and more performers and organizations are presenting programs and concerts live online.

Check out this listing of local services and programs: 



Check out their classes and services



Congregation Ahavat Olam:


Monday - Thursday 9 AM 

Friday night 6:30PM

Saturday morning 10:30 AM

Zoom meeting number 2752351753.


Chabad of Toms River:


Torah classes Monday - Thursday 12:30

Pre-Shabbat address Friday 5:30 PM


Check out the latest on the Jewish livestream from the Central Synagogue – they have a full schedule of activities and presentations:

Chabad of Jackson:


Torah classes Tuesdays 7PM 


Congregation B'nai Israel:

Check out Congregation B'nai Israel's Shabbat Bulletin for this upcoming week. Click the link below.





Beth Am Shalom:


Friday at 6:00 PM

on Stream-Spot 

Live-stream on Facebook Page: Beth Am Shalom - a reform congregation 

or on Website:


Temple Beth Or:

Classes & Services: 

Temple Beth Or in Brick is conducting prayer services, classes and a Chat with the Rabbi online. 

For more information and to connect online, call Rabbi Robert Rubin at 610-639-5341.




Staying Fit

A healthy life is about balance. And since you are indulging by eating well, you should also take some time to stay fit. As the weather is nice, it is great to go for a walk. But, if you are stuck indoors, we wanted to provide some great fitness classes online for kids and older adults.

Fitness fun for kids and parents too:



Also, in line with staying balanced…ever try meditation?


Eating Well

While you have some spare time in the home, you can try your hands at becoming the best Jewish chef you know. Here are some great sites for recipes and festive Jewish dishes!

Virtual Tour of Israel

  • Check out this National Geographic special on the Templar ruins under the city of Acre, on the Mediterranean coast of Israel.  Also available on Disney+.
  • Did you know there is the Israel National Trail, stretching from the Golan to the Negev?  Wouldn’t that be fun to hike?  Well, now you can get a taste of this trail from the comfort of your home!  Check out these videos that are the next best thing to hiking the trail yourself:
  • There is so much variety in Israeli society and daily life.  You can get an insider’s view through IsraelStory, one of the BEST podcasts about life in Israel.  You can access this through the podcast app on your smartphone or directly through their website.  It’s worth it:
  • The Israel Museum in Jerusalem is offering an array of virtual tours of its current and past exhibits.  This is an AMAZING museum, and if you have not had the chance to visit…now’s your chance to check it out:
  • Learn the history of all the top sites in Israel.  Check out the Virtual Israel Experience as part of the Jewish Virtual Library:
  • An interactive virtual tour of the City of David, to the south of the Old City of Jerusalem:
  • Explore Jerusalem virtually, with the Tower of David Museum:
  • And two video tours you can check out:

  • Israel: The Royal Tour – a virtual tour of Israel with Prime Minister Netanyahu, for $$ on Amazon Prime and AppleTV
  • Rick Steves’: The Holy Land– the consummate tour guide takes on Israel, for $$ on Amazon Prime

Top Jewish a cappella online

Top binge-worthy videos and links for kids


For those who may prefer binge-ing with book

Top Jewish Podcasts

You can find these on through your podcast app or spotify, or often by checking out the show’s web site.

  • The Joy of Text takes on sexuality with from an Orthodox perspective. If you’ve ever had questions about Judaism and sex, “The Joy of Text” has answers — or at least some thoughts on the subject.
  • Can We Talk? is a podcast from the Jewish Women’s Archive,  giving Jewish women the spotlight they deserve and exploring topics like the way women’s voices sound (with NPR’s iconic voiced Susan Stamberg), the Jewish love for mah-jongg, the Women of the Wall group and Jewish hair.
  • Ronna & Beverly – join this comedy duo who call themselves “America’s favorite Jewish mothers.”
  • Israel Story: This is the “This American Life” of Israel, taking in-depth stories of, about and for Israel. PS – this is Keith’s favorite podcast!
  • The Kibitz.  It really was only a matter of time before there was a Jewish podcast named for the Yiddish pastime of kibitz-ing.
  • Unorthodox – but different than the show above.  This podcast comes from Tablet Magazine and each episode features one Jew and one non-Jew to talk about interesting topics of the week.
  • Seincast – is like the “Seinfeld” of podcasting, started by diehard fans who weren’t ready to let the show go.  Listen as they analyze each episode of the show about nothing.

Great videos to watch

  • Tips on Quarantine from Natan Sharansky – a Jewish hero who was imprisoned for years by the Soviets:
  • Netta Barzilai’s Corona Song – a cover of Ray Charles’ “I Don’t Need No Doctor”…Netta was Israel’s entry into last year’s Eurovision Song Contest and won the whole thing!


Good Reads

What to binge watch next

  • The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel on Amazon Prime – In 1958 New York, Midge Maisel’s life is on track– husband, kids, and elegant Yom Kippur dinners in their Upper West Side apartment. But when her life takes a surprise turn, she has to quickly decide what else she’s good at – and going from housewife to stand-up comic is a wild choice to everyone but her.
  • Catch UNORTHODOX, a new series which has been catching on like wildfire; free on Netflix

Top Israeli Television Series…here in America.  Check out these three!

  • Stisel – a look at the Charedi world in Jerusalem, on NETFLIX (free with subscription)
  • Fauda – realistic drama focused on an undercover team of Israeli operatives trying to prevent terror attacks – on NETFLIX (free with subscription)
  • Srugim – a compelling and real-world window into the modern orthodox community in Israel – available for free on Amazon Prime

Great Jew-y movies to watch

US Films:

  • Above and Beyond – how airmen from around the world helped launch Israel’s Air Force, for free on Roku and Tubi, $$ on Amazon Prime and AppleTV
  • Cast a Giant Shadow – the late Kirk Douglas plays “Mickey” Marcus helping launch the nation of Israel, for $$ on Amazon Prime and Apple TV
  • Raid on Entebbe – the classic story, whose anniversary is coming up in a couple of months, free on Amazon Prime
  • We Shall Not Die Now –From Blackbird Pictures, in association with the US Holocaust Museum and the Claude Lanzmann “Shoah” Collection, We Shall Not Die Now chronicles the Holocaust, when, between 1939 and 1945, over six million Jews and millions of others were systematically murdered by the Nazis. On YouTube 

Israeli Cinema:

  • Zero Motivation – You may think, another movie about the Israel army? but this movie, winner of the best narrative at the Tribeca Film Festival, shows a unique side of the IDF. A series of events describe the painfully boring everyday life of young female soldiers serving at the Human Resources Department in a remote desert base, counting down the minutes until they can return to civilian life. This Israeli box-office hit shows a hilarious, intelligent, edgy and realistic side of the Israeli army, bound to make you laugh.

Available for $$ on Amazon Prime.

  • A Borrowed Identity, also called Dancing Arabs – This 2014 movie was adapted from a book called Dancing Arab, describing the struggle of an Arab-Israeli boy who is sent to a prestigious boarding school in Jerusalem, where he struggles to adapt to the culture and tries to figure his own identity out. The movie is an emotionally sweeping story about questions of identity every teenager experiences, enhanced by the complexity of the Israel-Arab conflict.

Available for $$ on Amazon Prime.

  • Past Life – This 2017 movie is set in Israel in 1977 and follows tw0 Israeli sisters as they begin a quest to unveil the dark past of their father’s life during World War II, after discovering that he has been hiding a secret from them. The movie discusses the Holocaust from a new point of view, examining the deeds of survivors and the effect the trauma had on Jewish families and culture.

Available for free on AmazonPrime.

  • Bethlehem – There is never a shortage of heart-wrenching movies about the Middle Eastern conflict, yet this one, which describes a dangerous relationship between a trusting Shin Bet officer and a confused Palestinian teenager, won the population over for its relative impartiality and outlook on the frustrating situation. Having won six Ophir Awards, the drama was selected as the Israeli entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 86th Academy Awards after winning, but it eventually didn’t make the cut.

Available for $$ on Amazon Prime and AppleTV.

  • A Matter of Size – This 2009 comedy tells the tale of a group of overweight people from the Israeli city of Ramla who are trying to accept themselves as they are by trying to join the world of sumo, where fat people are admired, rather than mocked and urged to lose weight. Anyone can relate to this entertaining story, delivered by wonderfully funny actors. The movie was screened in many film festivals around the world, in addition to winning three Ophir Awards.

Available for $$ on Vimeo

  • Big Bad Wolves – The official selection of 2013 Tribeca Film Festival, Big Bad Wolves is an Israeli horror thriller and black comedy declared by Quentin Tarantino to be the best film of 2013. The plotline takes place after a little girl is abducted and murdered and is centred around three men, her father, who is out for revenge, a police officer, who has neglected the boundaries of law and the main suspect, a religious studies teacher.

Available for $$ on Amazon Prime and AppleTV

  • Working Woman – Orna’s (Ben-Shlush) life is as busy as it is tough. Her husband, Ofer (Cohen) has opened a restaurant that is not doing very well financially. She works in real estate but is finding her job hard to maintain as the mother of three children. Her talents soon begin to grow as she works with a manger Benny (Noy) who may be interested in her for more than just her skills. The difficulties of women trying to break into the workforce are explored in this Israeli drama.

Available for $$ on Amazon Prime and AppleTV.

  • The Cakemaker – Thomas, a young German baker, is having an affair with Oren, an Israeli married man who has frequent business visits in Berlin. When Oren dies in a car crash in Israel, Thomas travels to Jerusalem seeking for answers regarding his death. Under a fabricated identity, Thomas infiltrates the life of Anat, his lover’s newly widowed wife, who owns a small Café in downtown Jerusalem.

Available for free on Netflix.

  • Foxtrot – An Israeli family's life is turned upside down when they're told their soldier son has died. What follows is the account of their son's fate, which appears to be quite different... a gorgeously shot, highly intelligent movie about fate, told in three chapters.

Available for $$ on Amazon Prime and AppleTV.

  • Gett: The Trial of Viviane Amsalem – A woman, after being in a bland marriage for twenty years, appeals to her husband for a required divorce document in front of a court but the demand seems far more daunting than what she had imagined it to be.

Available for $$ on Amazon Prime and AppleTV.

  • Out in the Dark – A beautiful drama based on a love story of two boys from opposite sides of a conflict; One being from Israel and the other from Palestine.

Available for $$ on VUDU and AppleTV.

  • The Farewell Party (search the name: Mita Tova)– In a retirement home when an old terminally ill patient decides not to succumb to a death by disease his friends make a machine for Euthanasia but soon the rumors about the machine start circling putting them all in jeopardy.

Available for free on Amazon Prime.

  • The Kindergarten Teacher – After discovering an exceptional talent of poetry in a five year old kid, a kindergarten teacher takes the responsibility to protect his talent at any cost, against any objection or implication from anyone.

Available for free on VUDU

  • The Accountant of Auschwitz -  Decades after WWII, a former SS officer stands trial in his native Germany after being charged for his complicity in the murder of Jews at Auschwitz.                                                                                                                           Available for free on Netflix.