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The Glue - Ongoing Federation Podcast

The Glue, with Eric Fingerhut, is an exploration of what hold us together in divided times. In this complicated and often difficult era, when we are challenged by polarization, partisanship, rapid technological change, and social transition, strengthening our social bonds are more important than ever. As president and CEO of the Jewish Federations of North America, representing over 400 Jewish communities across the US and Canada, Eric Fingerhut knows a thing or two about what makes communities tick, how powerful community can be, and what compels communities to stick together. Join Eric in each episode for riveting conversations with experts and thought leaders exploring what is holding us together, how communities are evolving, and why their evolution is crucial to some of the biggest social challenges our societies face today.

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Voice of the People -President Herzog's Kol Ha'am Initiative

July 2nd

Last month, during JFNA’s General Assembly, President Isaac Herzog introduced a new initiative called Kol Ha’am or Voice of the People: The President’s Initiative for Worldwide Jewish Dialogue, which will act as a global council to bring diverse Jewish voices together and to foster the next generation of Jewish leaders.

Participate in the “strategic labs” to help the President’s Office to develop his vision into a viable operating model on July 2nd.


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