January & February Programs from our partners...

JFNA Series on Israel's New Government

Webinar on Israel's new government’s plan to severely curtail LGBTQ+ rights.

Thursday, January 26 at 1 pm, we will examine the growing debate in Israel over the Law of Return, which gives anyone with at least one Jewish grandparent the automatic right to immigrate to Israel. A number of members of the new Israeli government seek to remove the “grandparent clause,” and the issue appears in signed coalition agreements. We will do a deep dive into this issue and the potential consequences for different communities worldwide of any changes to the law. Register here.

Thursday, February 9 at 1 pm ET, we will focus on the relationship between religion and state in Israel. Some members of the new Israeli government are determined to make changes to the current situation; this issue has also been included in signed coalition agreements. Join us to explore which changes may be made, along with the possible ramifications. Register here.

JFNA's JEDI February Webinar Series


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