Annual Film Festival

October/November 2022

Thank you for a fantastic festival!


Sunday, October 30 1:00pm

Marquee Theater

Austria, 2022

Drama German


In 1960’s Austria, the young Jewish businessman Victor is a witness to how the prosecution of a Nazi crime perpetrated against his family unjustly fails in the courtroom. When Victor also loses his grief stricken father and his girlfriend's family opposes their relationship and his being Jewish, Victor completely loses faith in the system and pursues matters via a different path. 

Latter Day Jew

Sunday, November 6 1:00pm

Marquee Theater

United States, 2020

Documentary English


Latter Day Jew is a documentary feature film following H. Alan Scott, a gay, former Mormon/converted Jew/cancer survivor/writercomedian, as he finds his spiritual path and prepares for his Bar Mitzvah. The film will cover his Mormon upbringing, eventual conversion to Judaism at age 31 and preparation for his Bar Mitzvah in the Fall of 2017 at age 35. But before he can become a man in the eyes of Jewish law, he wants to figure out what it means to be the best Jew he can be and even figure out what that means. Latter Day Jew chronicles his hilarious and often moving journey, and in the process shows that spiritual and cultural identity is deeper than just what we are born into or what our families believed and taught us.

The Policeman

Virtual Monday–Friday, November 7–11

Israeli Classic

50 Year Anniversary

1972 Golden Globe Best Foreign Film

Azulai is a policeman in Jaffa, whose incompetence is only matched by his softheartedness. His superiors want to send him to early retirement, but he would like to stay on the force, and the criminals of Jaffa don't want to see him leave either.

Roger Peltzman joins us to discuss the film!


paired with: Smile Little Ladybug*

Sunday, November 13 1:00pm

Marquee Theater

United States, 2022

Narrative English

Roger Peltzman transforms his one-man play, Dedication, into a deeply poetic, musical, and cinematic journey. Peltzman's family fled Berlin for Brussels in 1933, and this story centers on his uncle Norbert - the finest pianist in Belgium, until he was murdered in Auschwitz at 21 years old. A singular tale from the Shoah that is at once extraordinary and relatable, Dedication is also a coming to terms with second generation survivor trauma and the role of music in helping to manage wounds that will never fully heal.

*Smile Little Ladybug US 2021 Documentary Short

The daughter and granddaught of a Holocaust survivor are inspired to honor his legacy by becoming clowns and bringing joy to others in this poignant story.



Love & Mazel Tov

Virtual Monday–Friday, November 14–18

Germany, 2020


Berlin. A Party. Daniel pretends to be Jewish to impress Anne. The pretty non-Jewish bookstore owner specializes in Jewish literature, volunteers at a Jewish home for the elderly, and has a warm heart for Jewish guys. Will Anne love him when she learns that he is not Jewish at all? A clever take on social appropriation and historical guilt, this witty, warmhearted look at modern love from award-winning director Wolfang Murnberger (My Best Enemy) will strike right at the heart.


Sunday, November 20 1:00pm

Marquee Theater

United States, 2022


Marvin (Sean Astin, Lord of the Rings) is an ambitious cigar maker trying to support his own family while still being there for his aging parents, Mordecai (Judd Hirsch, Taxi) and Fela (Carol Kane, Hester Street).When Mordecai's ancient flip phone breaks, he starts to take lessons on his new iPhone, opening him up to all kinds of novel experiences and adventures, which makes him feel like a kid, something he missed out on because of the Holocaust. A dramedy that urges us all to live the one life we have to the fullest.