Please share your thoughts on any of the films

Please share your thougts about any of the films. Start with the name of the film - 


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Schachten was such a powerful film! Very interesting that he couldn't pull the trigger, but could cause him to die.

Shorts - I haven't seen them all yet, but I like how there is a mix of serious and funny.
Not a fan of the Adam Sandler one, but so far the rest are great.
Inspection could have taken place in the US.

Short - Women of Virtue -Girls are starting puberty at a much younger age now and I never thought about how difficult that would be in the orthodox community. Heart wrenching. The young actress was amazing.

Schachten - Cheering for a Nazi in court seemed timely for here now. Sad what is happening and we'll need to stand up for ourselves like this guy.

We loved Dedication
An amazing amazing film. A tour de force.

Love & Mazel Tov - while there were some serious themes, they were handled in a light-hearted way and it was wonderful to have an actual rom-com as part of the festival!