Thoughts on Sero's life

What are your impressions of Sero’s life based both on the part of his childhood we see and where Hannah finds him?  




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He went through so much as a child, but seemed happy in general. It was sad to see where Hannah found him and the film obviously skipped some really bad years. I'm so glad it ended on a positive note for him as he obviously got to a place to tell this story.

Very resilient child, but looked broken in the refugee camp.

I had to come back to add, the child actor is absolutely amazing.

Annabel Lindenbaum

This movie touched many raw spots. The amount of refugees and " neighbors " in the world who have no where to go and the world is silent - fills me with horror.
The portrayal of the families who are the "other" who want what we all want and need - yet have forbidding fences with violence waiting.
The " teaching" of hate instead of acceptance and understanding- so easily targeting young minds is all too prevalent.,
Loved the child's acting and view of the world.