Student Leadership Conference  

Jewish Federation of Ocean County hosted our Third Student Leadership Conference on November 14, encouraging students to counter hate and be “upstanders” when they see something that isn’t right. The Jewish Federation is proud to partner with Ocean County, through the Cultural and Heritage Commission, the County Prosecutor’s Office, and Ocean County College for this program.

Detective David D’Amico, from the Middlesex County Dept of Corrections and Youth Services, spoke to students about hate, how everyone has some form of implicit bias, and how to overcome that. He also spoke about integrity, and how that means to do the right thing even when you are the only one doing so.

Keith Krivitzky, Managing Director of the Jewish Federation, led one of several interactive breakout sessions on the current situation in Gaza, likening what is happening to confronting a bully that won’t leave you alone. He pointed out that the difference here is that, for Israelis and Palestinians, you can’t run away from that bully – and that bully here is Hamas, the perceived underdog.

Over 300 students from school districts throughout the county  attended this conference. The next conference will be held in June. Jewish Federation is also sponsoring up to thirty Ocean County educators to attend Chhange's professional development workshop in January